Become a customer-centric company with CCScore

The CCScore is an empirically derived KPI composed of 15 elements that holistically measures customer centricity and helps define targeted improvement measured for a company.

Step 1: Measure

The degree of customer centricity is determined on the basis of the three dimensions - leadership, collaboration and implementation. These three dimensions are evaluated with a total of 15 questions through an internal employee survey. Each question is rated from 1 to 10 with an additional comment space.
What elements are measured?

Step 2: Learn

Based on the quantitative results and above all the comments, the challenges and success factors for the company are identified and development areas are prioritised. A benchmark can be used for comparison with other industries.

Step 3: Improve

As experienced experts with cross-industry know-how, we recommend best-practice measures in this phase. We refine these in a workshop in order to generate the greatest leverage effects for your company. During the implementation phase, we can accompany you to whatever level desired, e.g. regular coaching calls, workshops for the development of action plans or the implementation of concrete measures.